Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paradise is a Tippy Hammock...

This is what I told myself whilst swinging lazily in one of several hammocks our hostel provided for us on the beach in Fiji. Tied up inbetween towering palm trees gently leaning toward the open ocean, time spent in the hammock was the perfect way to wait out the effects of jetlag, the extreme humidity of the rainy season and a general sense of being overwhelmed by just having begun our first backpacking experience on the other side of the world.
There are several ways one can attempt to enter a hammock, but I learned that not many of them actually work. Watching my fellow hostel visitors (yes, including my dear traveling partner, Rosie) attempt to get into the hammocks became my favorite passtime. Reaching the middle of the hammock as fast as humanly possible really seems to be the key- otherwise the entire contraption errupts into a centrifugal killing machine, whipping innocent passengers around and sending them flying into oblivion.
Yes, giggling to myself as arse after arse met with sand was really a highlight. And did I hide my smiles and tears of joy shed at the expense of others? You bet your bippy I didn't. I probably built up a good amount of bad hammock karma, but I'm telling you it was so worth it. That's why I think you should give Fiji a chance when you're next holiday is coming up. Don't worry about the native people who seem to be extremely laid back and happy to help you if you're lost in town. You needn't bother with the gorgeous natural scenery available to you at the feet of "the Sleeping Giant". You could go sailing, snorkel off the coast of one of the Yasawa islands, drink enough cava to make your tongue and lips go numb, meet fellow travelers or walk around the busling streets of Nandi on market day.
But really friends, just find yourself a simple place with a hammock beside the ocean. Bring a good read, maybe a drink or ten (some suntan lotion would be a good idea) and watch the sun rise and set from that mischievious pleasure contraption. Let its gently woven ropes lull you into sweet meditation; for this is a true pause from the every day rigors of routine and responsibility. Bask in the feeling that you've swung onto the set of a Corona commercial as the wind delivers cool soothing breaths beneath you. And finally, try not to fall out as you're laughing heartily at the person trying to climb into the hammock beside you.

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